2018-2019 Board & Committees

Empowering Women.

                            Making a Difference.

RWA Committee Descriptions

There are many opportunities to get involved in RWA. We leave it up to each participant to determine her own desired level of involvement. RWA Standing Committees Include: Fund Raising, Participation & Annual Fund Drive, Activities, Communications, Scholarships, and Community Activities.

Any woman must have been an Active participant of the Association for at least one (1) year before she is eligible to serve as an Officer of the Association. New participants (defined as an individual attending meetings and assisting with events for less than one (1) full year) may hold a co-chair position on a committee provided the committee is chaired by an active participant.

  • Fund Raising Committee:  It shall be the duty of the Fund Raising Committee(s) to organize fund raisers to support the activities and objectives of the Association. The Fund Raising Director(s) shall aid the President, along with the Treasurer, in setting up a proposed budget.
  • Participation Committee: It shall be the duty of the Participation Committee to take charge of the new women who are interested in joining RWA and present properly executed applications to the Participation Director(s). The Vice-President shall be active in assimilating new ladies in conjunction with the Participation Director(s). This committee shall receive and introduce new participants and guests, and shall notify members about the annual fund drive. It shall be the duty of the Participation Committee to keep the attendance records for each regular Association meeting.
  • Activities Committee: It shall be the duty of the Activities Committee(s) to organize civic, charitable and community functions, social and educational activities, and programs for the participants..
  • Communications Committee: It shall be the duty of the Communications Committee to coordinate and disseminate information to the participants and the public, as appropriate, in order to facilitate the activities and objectives of the association. It is responsible for producing and disseminating the monthly newsletter as well as being responsible for updating, or delegating someone to update, the Association’s website, Facebook page, and other media as needed. 
  • Scholarship Committee: Responsible for defining application award criteria and for the solicitation and review of applications for the RWA scholarship award (This generally occurs in April.)
  • Community Activities Committee: Responsible for organizing activities sponsored by the RWA that involve the community-at-large, rather than solely RWA activities. Activities under this committee include the Oakmont Halloween Parade, Relay for Life and Fun Run.