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Scholarship Info & Application

 Riverside Women's Association (RWA) is pleased to announce the availability of a minimum $1000 scholarship to be awarded in May 2020.

The RWA scholarship is open to all  females living in the Riverview School District or a female sponsored by an active RWA member desiring to continue her post-secondary education and who has not previously received an RWA scholarship.  The award is based on overall potential including academic performance, school activities, volunteerism, and work history.  

If the applicant is a Riverview High School student, please submit through the school scholarship portal set up by Dr. English. Otherwise, completed applications can be submitted via e-mail to Laurie.garda@gmail.com.  Completed applications must be received by Friday, April 3rd at 3pm. 

The 2020 RWA scholarship application window is now open. 

 Scholarship winners will be notified.
The number and amount of scholarships available this year will be determined by the board in April, once the fundraising proceeds are determined.