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Kelly Landis Fetick presented the 2021 RWA Scholarship to Lauren Dugan at Gia Visto during our Year End Banquet.

Bio From Lauren:
I am currently a graduating senior from Riverview High School. Next year I will be attending The Ohio State University, where I will major in Actuarial Science and be a part of the honors program. As you can see from my plan of study in mathematics, I am quite intrigued by numbers and have always loved math. While in high school, I enjoyed a plethora of extracurricular activities, but a few of my very favorite ones are Grace Notes (an advanced women’s choir), Choir, Volleyball, National Honor Society, and Student Council. Along with this, I have had a continuous passion for learning and never wanted to miss a day of school. My motto is that if I miss one day then I have missed a day of learning something new. As a result, I have had perfect attendance, not only throughout high school but also for the entire duration of my past 13 years of schooling.